T343--Electronic Media Sales

First Semester, 2011

Section 29140


Dr. Robert Potter

Contact Email                

rfpotter [at] indiana [dot] edu

Class Meetings

M&W 9:30-10:45


This course is designed to introduce students to techniques and skills used in selling advertising for television, radio, cable, online, and related professions. These include researching prospective client business; knowledge and application of the marketing model; understanding how to develop an effective media mix to achieve client marketing goals; preparing written and oral sales presentations. We will also discuss how technology designed to help audiences to avoid advertising (i.e., DVRs, satellite radio, portable mp3 players, etc.) makes the job of the salesperson more challenging.


T 207 (with a C- or better) or consent of the instructor

Course Format

This course will consist primarily of 2 lectures per week in a medium-sized lecture room. There will be occasional small group discussions and exercises focusing on topics pertinent to the course.

Requirements Met By T343

This is a course in the Telecommunications Industry and Management area of emphasis.