T340--Electronic Media Advertising

Spring Semester--2012
Section: 19622


This course meets Mondays & Wednesdays from 9:30-10:45pm in RTV 245.

Professor: Robert Potter


In this course you will be presented with the general principles of media advertising and explore how they are applied across many different platforms (television, radio, email, social network, etc.) and target audiences (national network, national spot, national syndication, viral, local, etc.). We will discuss the structure of the advertising industry and participants in the advertising process, including the roles of agencies, creative directors, station representatives, and media time buyers. Other topics include the social and individual effects of advertising, ethical issues in advertising, and considerations for advertising in a global marketplace.

There is a pre-requisite of T207 or permission of the instructor.

Those with questions about T340 should contact Dr. Potter via email.