T602--Psychophysiological Responses to Media

First Semester, 2010-2011


Dr. Robert F. Potter



Meeting Time/Place

5:45-8:30pm Wednesdays
Institute for Communication Research, 640 Eigenmann Hall


This course is designed to introduce students to the field of psychophysiology by exploring ways it has been applied to the study of media message processing. This field includes elements of psychology, physiology, and media processing and effects research. Students are expected to be comfortable with quantitative data analysis.

The course will include a substantial practical component. Students will be expected to learn and apply data recording and analysis techniques for measures studied.

Required Readings

There will be one required book that all students must purchase:

Stern, R. M., Ray, W. J., & Quigley, K. S. (2001). Psychophysiological recording. Second edition. Oxford University press.

There will be assigned readings from the following book as well. Your purchasing it will be recommended. However, a copy will also be available for reading in the ICR:

Cacioppo, J., Tassinary, L., & Bernston, G (2007). Handbook of Psychophysiology. Third edition. Cambridge University press.

Some other readings will be on E-Reserve for the class.

Tentative Course Requirements

Students enrolled in T602 will be expected to:

Tentative Topics to be Covered

The following topics will be covered and applied to measurement of human responses to mediated messages:

Those interested in finding out more about the course should contact Dr. Potter by email.