T552--Cognitive Approaches to Media

Second Semester, 2008-2009
Section 14227

Dr. Robert F. Potter

rfpotter [at] indiana {dot} edu


Office Hours

Tuesdays from 3-5pm
Wednesdays from 1-2pm
RTV 305

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to major concepts in cognitive psychology and then see how those concepts have been applied to questions concerning the processing of mediated messages. Concepts to be addressed include: Perception, Attention, Emotion, Memory, Priming, and the Modeling of Dynamic Processes. Readings will come from both the psychology and media literatures.

Required Readings
There is a textbook for this course.

Kellogg, R.T. (2007). Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology. Sage Publications

Other required readings will be excerpts from books or articles from academic journals. The required readings will be placed on E-Reserve through the IU library system. The password is:
I will expect you to have the readings completed by class time.

Academic Integrity
Students are expected to adhere to the highest ethical standards in all their course work and research, and to be familiar with the contents of the document entitled Integrity in Graduate Study. Copies may be obtained from departmental offices or from the office of the University Graduate School.


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