T511--Research Methods in Audience Analysis

First Semester (Fall) 2007-2008
Section: 26660


This course meets M from 5:45-8:30 pm in RTV 169.

Professor: Robert Potter


This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of how audience characteristics and behaviors are observed, measured, and analyzed. Because much of the telecommunication industry relies on ratings data, we will spend a portion of the course exploring ways ratings are collected and used. We will also discuss how new technologies and methodologies are beginning to challenge the traditional ratings services, namely Arbitron and Nielsen. Finally, we will look at ways social scientists measure and analyze audience responses. Some specific areas to be studied include: thought listing, secondary task reaction time, continuous response measurement, and psychophysiological methods (heart rate, skin conductance, facial EMG).

It is recommended that students have an understanding of basic research methods (i.e., completed T502 or some sort of equivalent at the graduate or undergraduate level).
Those with questions about this recommendation should contact Dr. Potter via email.