T344--Programming Strategies

First Semester (Fall) 2011-2012
Section: 6264



Dr. Robert Potter

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rfpotter [at] indiana [dot] edu

Class Meetings

This course meets M W from 11:15-12:30.


How are TV shows developed? Why did your favorite TV show get cancelled? Why do commercial radio stations repeat the same songs over and over? What's the difference between cable content and broadcast TV content? How has podcasting, satellite radio, You Tube, and Hulu impacted the media industry? These are the types of questions we address in T344. The goal of this course is to introduce students to media program planning, development, and selection, as well as scheduling strategies utilized by radio and television stations, networks, cable systems, web services and syndication. We will also discuss how recent technologies (the web, digital television, satellite radio, etc.) have impacted traditional media strategies.

Those with questions about T344 should contact Dr. Potter via email.